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Popular OPI gel color chart 2013

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pompeii passion cosmo not alpine snow
Cosmo Not
Alpine Snow
good bronze malaga miami beet
Miami Beet
pink flamenco aragon russian opi ink
Pink Flamenco
Opi Ink

One of the most popular brands in the nail care industry is OPI. This famous brand has become popular over the last few years among most professional women and celebrity. So what is so great about this brand’s nail polishes? Here you can also find some useful pieces of information on the OPI gel color chart 2013.   OPI gel color chart 2013A short “about section” on OPI cosmetics

I believe that most of you know that OPI is an American brand of nail polish and many other nail polish products. Today it’s products represent a trendy and always fashionable brand that consists of many creative colors and products and nail polishes’ collection that are simply amazing. The best thing about this company and its products is that it is so powerful that it attracts women of the world by giving extremely creative and innovative names to their nail polish collections; just some of the collections are Spider-man, Swiss collection, Shatter collection, Holland collection, Minnie Mouse collection etc. However, the best thing about nail polishes is that they truly last for two to three weeks without damaging your nails at any moment.

OPI gel color chart 2013 – more about the colors

That is because they are suitable for business women and for busy mothers who simply do not have time to visit beauty salons regularly. In addition it is important to say that even celebrities have their own OPI nail polish collection and most popular is the collection of Nicky Minaj. However, when it comes to OPI nail polish collections, it is important to say that the chart contains both matte and metallic nail polishes colors and that is not all.     OPI gel color chart OPI gel color chart 2013 – are you ready for winter?

OPI gel color chart 2013 will be launched in January 2013, but it has already given their gel color chart of 2013. There are many surprises when it comes to the tones of the companies gel colors designers created. Most of the colors that are designed for the upcoming winter on the OPI gel color chart 2013 are kind of warm and completely suitable to the season they are designed for. On the OPI gel color chart 2013 you can find warn and soft tones of light blue, light purple, light red, light pink but also there are darker gel colors such as this strong tone of purple and red. There are many more colors in the OPI gel color chart 2013 winter collection but they did not want to spoil all the fun revealing them all now. I guess that we will have to be patient until January.

Gel nail polish color chart 2013 – get ready for the warmer days…

Just like they released a few nail polishes from the gel color chart 2013 collection, they launched a few from the spring and summer OPI gel color chart 2013 collection. Again this new collection got this very creative name – Euro Centrale which again represents a unique OPI gel color chart 2013 collection. There are many tomes of sparkly colors that tend to bind the old, traditional times with these modern ages. All tones that you can imagine. I am sure that you will find the perfect nail polish color.   OPI gel color OPI gel color chart 2013 – surprise

And yes, I almost forgot to tell you all. There is this particular singer who will promote the OPI gel color chart 2013. Can you guess who she is? She is this one beautiful lady and I believe that you all have heard about her. She is Mariah Carey. She herself states that she is looking forward to working with this brand because she simply loves the best nail care products.