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OPI gel color collection of best-sellers

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I'm Really Not A WaitressI’m Really Not A Waitress
Lincoln Park After DarkLincoln Park After Dark
Louvre me Louvre me notLouvre me Louvre me not
Black OnyxBlack Onyx
Princesses RulePrincesses Rule
Samoan SandSamoan Sand

In OPI, they are always working on new stuff to please their customers who keep coming back and in need of more OPI nail polishes. If you were in opportunity to see OPI gel color collection, you certainly know what it is all about. If you didn’t, let me present you with the new technology and colors of this collection.

Improved color technology

OPI gel color collection is the successor of Axxium Soak Off Gel. It was thought that Axxium will stand for long period of time unbeatable, but few improvements that lay down in OPI gel color collection are saying different story. Namely, it is needed half the time of Axxium for color to dry. Top coat look great and shinier. Colors are glossier which is better for the overall look of your nails.


OPI gel color collection 2013


Dark colors

“Dark side” of OPI gel color collection brings new names and improved colors for long lasting effect. Colors like Lincoln park after dark, Here today…Aragon tomorrow, Black onyx’, You don’t know Jacques are the darkest in the OPI gel color collection. Brown colors which are leaning towards the dark side are Brisbane bronze, Malaga wine and brown colors that are leaning more towards lighter colors are Cosmo not tonight honey and A good man daring is hard to find. They sure know how to make fun of their nail polish colors in OPI.

A New Nail Polish Collection: Hawaii OPI Spring 2015

Like every season, OPI, one of the most popular nail polish brands in the world, is preparing a new collection. So, are you curious about OPI Spring 2015 collection? Because we are!

Well, to celebrate joy and the fact that nature comes back to life, the OP Spring 2015 collection is called Hawaii. With such a name to inspire their colors, we really have big expectations.

OPI Spring 2015

So let’s check together the Hawaii OPI Spring 2015 collection:

  • Suzi Shops & Island Hops – This is one of our favorite colors from the OPI spring 2015 collection, so we will start with it. This soft pink is simply delicious, but it needs three coats to get the color as you see in the bottle. However, you cannot simply ignore this soft, sweet baby pink that will bring you the hope after the hard winter.
  • Is Mai Tai Crooked? – If you are a fan of the Mai Tai cocktail, you will love to wear its color on your nails. You need only two coats of nail polish to get the perfect soft orange color which can give you joy in the still cold mornings of spring.
  • Aloha from OPI – What about a coral crème nail polish, which needs only two coats for a perfect finish? You can find it in the OPI spring 2015 collection, and you will fall for it, trust us!
  • Go with the Lava Flow – Do you want the sparkle on your nails? This combination of coral, orange, fiery, golden-red sparkly shade is just perfect! We love it, and it is one of the best colors of the OPI spring 2015 collection. Try it, trust us!
  • Just Lanai-ing Around – Hey, hey! Going back to 1980 was never easier. This pretty sweat creamy shade is a must in the spring seasons. It is true it is one of the grandma’s colors, but it totally got back, and it suits so well anything you wear!
  • Hello Hawaii Ya? – If you are looking more for dark colors, this dusty raisin lilac is the one you need, and you can find it in the OPI spring 2015 set. It is the perfect color to move from winter to summer, and you can get the perfect look with only two crème coats.
  • Lost My Bikini in Molokini – Another favorite color is this electric purple, which looks good everywhere: at the beach, at school, in a park, at work, or at the party! Just dare to rock!

Great OPI gel color chart 2015

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What’s new in OPI this year? Two new collections are out. Find out more!

Gwen Stefani collection

Highly popular American singer Gwen Stefani is the new face for OPI gel color chart 2015. Brand new winter/spring collection is going to be in similar style at least for names of swatches. The names are: I sing in colour, followed by “In True Stefani Fashion”, another one is called by one of their biggest hits – “Hey baby”, another great part of the collection is “Love Angel Music Baby”, also present is another great polish, named by No Doubt’s latest record “Push and shove”, Over & over a Gwen, 4 in the morning and Rock startlets mini pack. All the names sound spectacular, and it is expected for the quality too. Silver and black shades prevail in this collection. The only one bright is pink color of Hey baby nail polish. I think that every fan of Gwen Stefani will absolutely love this OPI gel color chart 2015. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab it!


OPI gel color chart 2015

Here’s something for those who like exotic destinations, just like those in Brazil, the biggest country of South America. It is inspired by Brazilian nature, their forests and their beautiful beaches of sand. Names of this OPI gel color chart 2015 are; Red hot Rio, Live.Love.Carnaval, Where did Suzi’s man go?, Kiss me I am Brazilian, AmazON, AmazOFF, I Sao Paulo over there, Next stop the bikini zone, OPI scores a goal, Don’t Bossa Nova me around (what a cute name for nail polish).

Those two collections are already in sales, so hurry up and buy the ones you love the most. If you don’t know how to pick one, choose those with really funny names.